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Kulcha Bread

Kulcha Bread


Kulcha is a popular Indian flat bread from north India, especially Punjab. They are very famous in amritsar and Delhi. But the best kulchas are made in amritsar.

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150gm | 2 pcs


Kulcha is made from maida flour, water, a pinch of salt and a leavening agent (yeast or old kulcha dough), mixed together by hand to make a very tight dough. This dough is covered with a wet cloth and left to stand for an hour or so in a warm place. The result is a slight leavening of the dough but not much. The flour is kneaded again by hand and then rolled out using a rolling pin into a flat, round shape. It is baked in an earthen clay oven ("tandoor") until done. When baked, it is often brushed with butter or ghee, although this is not necessary. It is then eaten with any Indian curry. In particular, a spicy chickpea curry known as chole is the dish of choice for being eaten with kulcha


To make the dough, cover it with a wet kitchen napkin and let it ferment for 2 hours. With a rolling pin, flatten the dough and roll each ball into a small-sized kulcha. Heat a griddle or a tava to cook the kulchas on both sides till they get golden spots and are evenly cooked.

Chole kulche With the use of Super Bread

Delhi street food is all about that mouth-watering and spicy flavours that explode in our mouth with every bite. And one of the things that make us go week in the knees is the delicious chole kulche. Since this dish is loved by many, here we bring you a recipe to make street style chole kulche easily at home and enjoy with your friends and family!