Bread Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Pizza bread manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Pizza bread manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Pizza bread manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Product Details :

  • Product Name : pizza bread
  • Brand : Super bread
  • Packaging Type : Packet
  • Pack Size : 200 gm
  • Shelf Life : 5 days
  • Ingredients :flour, yeast, sugar, salt, olive oil, warm water
  • Food Preference :Vegetarian

Product Description :

Pizza bread is a delicious and versatile food that can be used as a base for a variety of toppings, from classic tomato sauce and mozzarella to more unconventional ingredients like barbecue chicken and pineapple. Our pizza bread is made from high-quality ingredients, including flour, yeast, salt, and a blend of herbs and spices that give it a unique, flavorful taste.

Our pizza bread is available in several different sizes and shapes, including round, rectangular, and square. We also offer different crust options, including thin and crispy, thick and fluffy, and everything in between.

We use a unique baking process that combines high heat and a wood-fired oven to create the perfect crust – crispy on the outside, yet tender and soft on the inside. This gives our pizza bread a unique texture and flavor that is sure to please even the most discerning pizza lover.

Our pizza bread is perfect for use at home, in restaurants, and for catering events. It is easy to store, transport, and prepare, making it an ideal choice for busy families and professionals. Try our pizza bread today and experience the difference for yourself!

Benefits of Pizza bread :

  • Convenience: Pizza bread is a convenient and easy way to enjoy the flavors of pizza without having to make a dough from scratch or wait for it to rise.
  • Versatility: Pizza bread can be used for a variety of toppings and can be customized to suit individual tastes.
  • Nutritious: Pizza bread made with whole wheat or other whole grains can provide a good source of fiber and nutrients.
  • Cost-effective: Pizza bread is often more affordable than ordering a pizza delivery or dining out.
  • Great for parties: Pizza bread is a popular party food that can be easily prepared in large quantities.
  • Quick and easy to make: Pizza bread can be quickly and easily prepared by spreading sauce and toppings on top of a pre-made bread and then baking it in the oven.
  • Can be frozen: Pizza bread can be prepared in advance and frozen for later use, making it a great option for busy weeknight meals.

Super bread use only the best ingredients and our buns and bread are made to ensuring that they are always fresh and delicious. Try our pizza bread today and experience the authentic taste of Indian food.
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