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Maska Bun

Maska Bun


Super Bread's delectable Maska Bun is a true delight for your taste buds. Crafted with expertise and love, these soft, buttery buns offer a mouthwatering experience. The rich, creamy flavor of real butter infuses each bite, making it a perfect companion for your morning coffee or an indulgent snack any time of day. Whether enjoyed plain, toasted, or paired with your favorite filling, Super Bread's Maska Bun guarantees a memorable culinary experience. Savor the goodness, savor the moment with these iconic buns that have been a beloved choice for discerning bread enthusiasts for years.


A classic Maska Bun is crafted from a simple yet delightful combination of ingredients. It starts with a base of all-purpose or bread flour, to which generous amounts of butter are added, giving the bun its rich, buttery flavor and soft, tender texture. Sugar provides a touch of sweetness and aids in yeast fermentation, while yeast itself works its magic to leaven the dough and make it rise. Milk adds moisture and enhances the bun's overall tenderness, while a pinch of salt balances the flavors and supports the dough's structure. Occasionally, eggs are included to lend extra richness and texture. These carefully selected ingredients come together to create the beloved Maska Bun, often enjoyed with an additional layer of butter and served alongside tea or coffee for a delightful treat.


The preparation of a Maska Bun is a delightful culinary process that involves several crucial steps. It begins with the meticulous mixing of ingredients, including flour, sugar, yeast, and other dry components, combined with warm milk and softened butter to create a dough. This dough is then kneaded with care until it achieves a smooth and elastic consistency. Following this, the dough is left to rest and rise, usually in a warm, draft-free environment, allowing it to double in size. This fermentation period is vital for developing the bun's characteristic flavor and texture. Once risen, the dough is divided into individual portions and shaped into round bun-sized pieces. These pieces are then baked in an oven until they attain a golden brown hue and emit a satisfyingly hollow sound when tapped on the bottom. The final touch often involves brushing the freshly baked Maska Buns with melted butter, enhancing their already rich, buttery flavor. The result is a batch of delectable Maska Buns, ready to be enjoyed either plain or with additional butter, or even as a delightful base for various fillings and toppings.

Maska Bun With the use of Super Bread

This recipe yields delicious homemade Maska Buns that can rival those from a bakery. Feel free to adjust the sweetness or butteriness to your taste. Enjoy!

About Us

“Super Bakers (India)” is one of the largest manufacturers of bread with the brand name ‘Super Bread’ and is located in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. The establishment of the company was in1978 by the visionary Shri Shankarlal T. Ahuja and the other two partners Shri Sunil Ahuja and Shri Anil Ahuja. The company is popularly known as ‘Super Bread’. `Super' has become synonyms of `Bread' in Ahmedabad.

Mr. Anil S. Ahuja looks into the day-to-day affairs & administration of the company. He is well assisted by His son Mr. Mann Ahuja and Mr. Neel Ahuja qualified employees at Ahmedabad. The business activities of the Group are spread over Ahmedabad city, north Gujarat, some of the cities of Gujarat, and some of the area of Rajasthan as well.

The Company is also the license holder of Modern Food Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. i.e. franchise of ‘Modern Bread’ for manufacturing & marketing in Gujarat & some of the area of Rajasthan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Maskabun?
Bun maska is a popular Maharashtrian dish. Buns are nothing more than very soft bread, and Maska is nothing more than butter. The renowned Bun Maska has its own devoted following and can be found in several of Mumbai's Irani hotels.
2.How do you eat Maska bun?
The proper technique to consume bun maska is to dip it in tea and bite the dipped section before taking a sip of tea. The contrasting flavors of sweet tea, salty butter, rich cream, and gritty bread flood your mouth with delight, making it ideal for breakfast or nighttime nibbling.