Sandwitch House
(For Childrens Birthday Party Decoration)
Method :
              Six to eight slices of bread. Cut sides of all breads & prepare sandiwitch of it as per your tested paste. Take one plate, put all sandwitch in it in a bulck manner. Paste top slice of bulck with butter . Now take four or five slices(don't cut its slices), Cut it in triangle shape & put it on sandwitch bulck in a triangle shape. Now take one slice & put it on triangle on shadow with the help of tooth peack.

              Make door & windows of bit,carrot or any suitable vegetables. Make lights with the help of bread pieces and decorate it with flower or suitable vegetables with the help of tooth peack and try to fix it on shadow.

              Around the home decorate chopped vegetables and flowers.Now take four redded slices and put cherry as nose and use bit for eyes. Now four faces is ready and put it on entrance side of the home. Now take one guava and put four or five half cuts around guava and try to fix green onion vertical in center inner side of guava and fix guava stand besides home.